9 things I have always been rubbish at, that now I blame on motherhood

I have always been terrible at taking criticism. One thing I am working on is not being so quick to come up with excuses when I’ve under performed.

This achievement might take a while, so in the meantime, here are some things I have always been rubbish at, but am quite enjoying blaming on motherhood. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that.

  1. Being on time. If I need to leave by a certain time my brain just seems to think it should wait until said time to actually get ready. I would blame my older sister for teaching me this, but that would be me, breaking my vow to avoid making excuses. But it’s definitely her fault.
  2. Sending Birthday cards.
  3. Sending Christmas cards.
  4. Saying thank you to all the “proper people” who sent me Birthday/Christmas cards (You know who you are- did you by any chance telepathically receive my warm and thankful thoughts?).
  5. Being the life of the party. Truth is, after 11 pm I’ve always been quite keen to curl up in my bed. The fact that I now have a baby-sized alarm clock permanently set at 5 am gives me permission to do so.
  6. Consistent brain functioning. Sometimes, just occasionally I have moments when the lights are on, but no one’s home.  Alas, now I can blame it on”baby brain!”, which is apparently an actual thing. By the way, how long am I allowed to use this magical term? Any ideas? Do tell.
  7. Keeping a tidy car. I feel like the presence of a car seat and baby paraphernalia make the empty crisp packets forgivable.
  8. Wearing clothes that are over 90% clean. OK perhaps a little controversial, but having been raised on a farm I was taught to wash clothes when they are dirty, not every time they got a little dirt on them. Many things are wipe-able (I did say I would be honest!). What bewilders me is that, even with this method in place, our household still accrues a load a day. And for that reason I have requested that my husband starts turning his underwear and socks inside out and….ahhh did I get you? JOKING!
  9. Keeping it together (aka not being a soppy sucker!). I have always been one to shed a “happy tear” (or ten) during weddings, christenings, romantic comedies and even inspirational adverts. Yes, a 26 second advert is long enough for my tear ducts to go into full flow (Damn you, John Lewis; EVERY YEAR you do it to me.). Nowadays I blame mummy hormones and the fact that my heart has tripled in size since having a baby.

Now that I see it in writing, that’s quite a lot of rubbishness. But I’m OK with that. Us mummies are only human, after all. ♥


We received all these lovely cards when Finley was born, and what did the senders get in return? Just a Facebook tag on this photo accompanied by a “Thanks y’all!”. MUST TRY HARDER.

You Baby Me Mummy


4 thoughts on “9 things I have always been rubbish at, that now I blame on motherhood

  1. Topfivemum says:

    I’m so with you on this. I used to be pretty (ish) good at remembering to send cards and look presentable pre-kids. With two under two and a barely functioning brain from 5 months of sleep deprivation and no-one has had a card from me for their birthday. I don’t even know what season it is half the time, let alone check which month it is and who’s birthday is coming up. I definitely blame it all on the hormones and little people #thelist


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