Mummy warriors vs. teething

OK so teething sucks.

We all know that.

And if you were to bump into a fellow mummy in Tesco and they asked how you were doing, you would probably laugh it off and say something like “Oh well you know, Billy is sprouting his molars and causing carnage but we’re all good!!!”. This would likely be met with a lighthearted recommendation for some miracle teething granules, and a comment about how the little ones do love to keep us on our toes.

It is all very civilized as yes, they all grow teeth, and we all get through it…


Sometimes it really is that bad.

It is usually around the same time that you are feeling like a super-parent (“Oh yes I just whipped up this lovey fish pie whilst Billy finger-painted in his blanket fort…he hasn’t watched television in days!”) that it all goes Pete Tong. Fever starts to creep in, baby’s eyes glaze over, and the doom clouds settle in. For days and sometimes weeks on end, sleep disintegrates, constant whingeing/crying ensues, feeding becomes a chore (“Peanut butter for dinner again? OK, FINE, WHATEVER.”) and, if you’re a working mum, the precious few hours that you get with your child turn into the hardest ones of your working day. Talk about being kept on your toes.

So I beg of you, mummies, take off the warrior masks. Let your baggy-eyed, blotchy skinned, two-day-old mascara donning faces free and boldly scavenge the aisles of Tesco. And should you run into a fellow mummy, why not tell it like it is. Admitting that you are falling apart and that you just ate a Mars bar before even paying for it might throw people off, initially, but then this is where the magic happens; This is where true friends step up, and we mummy warriors get the opportunity to build our tribe.

Heaven knows, we all need a bit of help now and then. ♥

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