My dishwasher is buggered and therefore so am I

This morning was an average morning until…

I came downstairs to get the babe his milk and saw that the dog had been sick on the floor. I pretended not to notice, hearing the creak of the floorboards above and knowing full well that if hubby “sees it first” he will have to clean it up. Those are the rules, and that is exactly what happened.  Perhaps karma does exist, as this is what happened next:

  • My shower went permanently ice cold and reduced to a trickle, mid-shampoo lather.
  • I put on my favourite pre-pregnancy work trousers, only to discover that they now create a completely unacceptable muffin top.
  • I settled for my second best trousers, which the baby swiftly chucked his muesli over.
  • I resorted to a third option: dress, only to realise that legs are hairy and shower too cold to shave. I opt for the hairy look. Screw it.
  • I open the dishwasher to be greeted with half-washed dishes and an error signal that is effectively saying “chuck me in the tip I’m useless!”.
  • My husband (who is already grumpy about the dog sick) is BESIDE HIMSELF about the dishwasher and starts spouting out regrets over buying such crappy whiteware in the first place: “Buy cheap buy twice! It’s our own damn fault!!”. I nod fervently whilst eating cereal out of an oversized mug.
  • I look for the car keys everywhere only to eventually find them in the dog food tupperware (who could have done this? hmmm). To top it all off, the length of time I spent looking for the keys was the exact amount of time needed for babe to perform a poonami and require a full change before leaving for nursery.

My dishwasher is buggered and therefore so am I. Happy Friday everyone!!! ♥

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