Why 2017 will be the best year yet

The dawning new year…

It’s an exciting time; like standing in the sea watching a wave roll towards you.

The sky is bright, families flock to the seaside to close off the  year in each other’s full-bellied presence.

Santa has been generous; the promenade is aflood with yummy mummies in matching hat/mitten combos, daddies with brand new watches and (imaginably) crisp white underpants with zero holes in the groin region.

Their very fortunate (*but not spoiled*) children weave around them in their wheeled contraptions;  scooters that still smell of plastic, glittery pink bikes with matching helmets, pristine surfaces reflecting the winter sun.


As they navigate around the crowded paths and overflowing recycling boxes, Squinty-eyed smiles are shared between parents, children and absolute strangers.

…Can this be real??

Has the unseasonable warmth transformed a notoriously grumpy nation?

Or are we all just floating between a mince-pie/sherry induced haze and the blissful optimism that 2017 WILL be the best year yet?

I am reminded of this time last year, when a Boxing Day walk on the promenade (with babe in sling) had painted a very similar picture.


But just as the babe very quickly outgrew the sling, hundreds of mittens have since lost their mates, thousands of once-white underpants have suffered unmentionable damage, and countless toys of Christmas past have invariably been left to collect dust/stub toes in the corners of living rooms as their novelty wore off.

Nobody speaks of such things.

The hopes and dreams of 2016 have long been sifted into their respective piles (did do, didn’t do, or will 100%-definitely-hands-down do next year), and time seems to pause as we stuff our faces and gear up for the incredible 365 days ahead of us.

What is magically stupendous is this:

Like an adorable blue fish with memory problems who forgets the fury of the coming waves, we seem to have permanent hope for the future.


This year, we WILL do our sit ups and Nutri-Bullet breakfasts.

We WILL kick professional and parenting butt.

The world WILL become a better place for our children.

2017 will be the very best year. Why? Because we are hopelessly hopeful. 

The fact that we said the same of 2016 is neither here nor there.♥



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