Celebrating mothers week: an introduction

For those of you familiar with the Miraculous Mum project, you will have seen our weekly nominations for parents who deserve a bit of credit.

What you won’t have witnessed are the reactions of the nominees upon first hearing of their accolade:

“I’m not sure that I’m Miraculous.”

“…are you sure that I am worthy?”

Both are very common responses. My answer?


One gazillion rubber duckies being chucked in their direction YES.

They are irrefutably worthy.

And you are too.

The fact is, most of us seem to reserve our positive energy for celebrating our children, and leave the questioning and self- doubt for ourselves.


Celebrating Mothers Week is about reveling in all that we DO do.

It’s about sharing our triumphs, laughing at our tribulations, and being joyful about what it means to be a mother today.

Laura from Five Little Doves and I have pooled together (last year! Aren’t we organised!?) to create a week full of fun for you all. We will be sharing creative projects, giveaways, interviews, and special celebratory posts which make us feel proud to be the lovingly imperfect mothers that we are.

We would love for you to join us over on social media throughout the week, using the hashtag #CelebratingMothers to show us your merry moments, the photos which best sum up this crazy world of parenting, the beautiful little faces that made you a Mother and the ways in which you too celebrate Motherhood. At the end of the week we will be choosing a winner to receive their very own personalised photographic mug from www.mrnutcase.com.

Ladies, the Mother’s day Bucks Fizz will be flowing all week long.

Go on, have a sip.

You deserve it.♥


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