Celebrating a mothers body: lumps bumps and stretchy stuff

I don’t know about yours, but my pre-baby body has packed up her bags and headed south.

My breasts are on permanent vacation, having finally given in after 22 months of to-ing and fro-ing between melons and macadamia nuts.

My skin is softer, stretchier, easier for tiny hands to grab hold of.

As for my lady bits, I’ll be honest…shall I?

*momentary pause whilst I weigh up truthfulness vs. self preservation*

…They are like a good old fashioned pub. A bit rough around the edges and not about to serve up anything fancy, but still a decent place for a visit. A firm favorite with the landlord, so i’m told.

My body, since becoming a mother, has changed.

…But so have I!

In so many INCREDIBLE ways.

In the celebratory spirit of Mothers Week, here is a hand picked collection of beautiful women sharing their honest thoughts about their toddler-chasing, cuddle-draping, ever-giving bodies.

I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I have.

A photo poject about the marks brought by maternity in the body and soul“I’ve just become a mother at 18.. I did not manage to enjoy the pregnancy. You know those advertising mothers that caress their bellies smiling? Sometimes I felt very guilty about not enjoying it, but at the same time I always felt an intense and beautiful connection between us. I say without fear that I love the stretch marks, the responsibility, the breasts that hurt, the personal growth, the extra pounds, the dark under the eyes and so on …. These are my marks!” –Moara and Maya, from the birthmarks project.

13“I don’t normally do stuff like this and have been hesitating whether to post or not. But since having my daughter my body has changed beyond recognition, my stomach is a lot bigger and covered in stretch marks, and my boobs have changed drastically (from breastfeeding) and are no longer perky like they once were. Having a baby is such a life changing experience as it is, but no one really talks about the changes in their bodies. We’re constantly presented with images of perfect post baby bodies, but in a reality this is rarely the case. I’ve finally been able to begin accepting my new body and appreciating what it has given me, my beautiful daughter. Plus nursing bras and granny pants are pretty comfortable!” – Paige from bluehairedhermit

4” It’s hard being a confident woman, it’s even harder being a confident woman raising mini women teaching them to love themselves. My face is wonky, I struggle with a little extra meat on my bones, I’m covered in stretch marks and my boobs are less than pert. My skin is pale and blotchy, oh and i’m a giant (5’11”)…but my biggest hang up is my surgery scar. I have heard girls at the gym say ‘What was that?’, men on the street say ‘Did you see the state of her chest?’ and children full of concern ask ‘But what happened?’. The worst blow was when a wedding photographer told me what an amazing job he could do photoshopping it out… did he not realise that without the scar there would have been no wedding? Here I am bearing all of my insecurities because every scar tells a story of survival and I am a warrior woman.” – Amy from kittyandpip

“This is me. All 361112 of me. I’m so bored of hearing about weight, diets, cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles. January is full of all this ‘get a bikini body shite.’ If you want to lose some pounds that’s fine, do it. But don’t do it because you think you’ll be happier or more successful, or because the media says you should look a certain way. Don’t let the way you look hold you back from achieving anything but greatness. We only get one life and if we waste it worrying about how we look all the time, imagine the wasted opportunities?! Motherhood has definitely made me braver and more aware.” Natalie, StyleMeSunday

“Its not easy to look at the photos without censorship. Because the first thing that (i see) is the size. ‘Plus size’ of truth, not those of magazines. It’s hard not to look at her folds and think ‘My god, how did I have the courage? And what will others think when they see?’ Fear of judgment from others, afraid of my own judgment. I looked once, I looked twice, I looked several times. All of a sudden, instead of seeing the size of the person, I just saw the person. I saw myself. I saw beauty in me, with all my fullness, size and folds.” – Elaine from the birthmarks project.


“My heart aches looking at this. Where does that childlike acceptance of the body go? The way their hands are place on me, I feel unconditionally loved. In that absolute acceptance of me, I feel a powerful upwelling of emotion that lets me know I don’t have to be afraid. I am strong enough to raise these children.” –Gill,  from the birthmarks project.

A special thank you to all of the brave women above who generously granted permission to share. To see more stories about Miraculous Mums and Dads, follow on Facebook/ Instagram ♥


5 thoughts on “Celebrating a mothers body: lumps bumps and stretchy stuff

  1. ljdove23 says:

    Gorgeous post, and gorgeous photos. Our bodies may not be what they once were, but neither are we….and I’m okay with that!! It’s an amazing feat to grow a baby, to give birth, to feed them, and raise them to be strong, confident children, just like their Mamas. Lovely post. #CelebratingMothers


    • Miraculous Mums says:

      Thank you Laura, I agree we must never underestimate the worth of the journeys that our bodies have undertaken. What kind of car can drive all the way to California without getting a few scratches!? 🙂 #CelebratingMothers


  2. John (@dadyougeek) says:

    This is a brilliant post! As a dad to two amazing girls and a wonderful wife I want them all to be happy in their own skin! I know for Mums it’s especially hard after having kids to adjust to what they now see! I just hope that their other half is as supportive as I am!

    If not they don’t deserve you!


    • Miraculous Mums says:

      Wow John! Feeling very fortunate to have a male perspective on the subject… thank you so much for stopping by and even MORE SO for empowering your family and those around you to have a positive body image! 🙌


  3. Mrs Mummy Harris says:

    I love this, lets empower all women who are hating their post-baby body (me included) i feel like im walking around with a permanent 6 month bump and dieting with no progress in sight! Lets raise a glass or ten to us! #twinklytuesday


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