A poem for my mother, now that I’m a mother too

I know that no one saw you

In the stillness of the night

When you scooped me in your arms

and held my body tight

I know that no one heard you

When Daddy worked away

When you sang and brushed my hair

To keep the tears at bay

I’ve heard that I smashed dishes

And collected plastic junk

My sister says I threw her keyboard

From the upper bunk

It’s true, I was a terror

Until the age of five

Congratulations Mama,

You kept us both alive!

I bet it wasn’t simple

In fact, I know it wasn’t

For motherhood is teaching me

All that childhood doesn’t

Like how it’s possible to care

So much it nearly aches

And how it’s possible to give

As much as something takes

So many big decisions

It’s hard to know what’s best

Always trying harder

Always without rest

So here you have my thanks

and my forgiveness too

it all makes sense now mama

Now that I’m a mother too.


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