Happy mothers day! Wrapping up celebrating mothers week

Hooray hooray for Mother’s Day!

Please take this as your official permission to eat chocolate for breakfast, stay in your pyjamas until 2pm and cry soppy happy tears at every school-made card and moment of nostalgia.


You deserve a break. But if today (like so many other highly anticipated days) turns into a crumbling heap of burnt pancakes and snot-streaming tantrums, well the good news is we all know you can handle that too. You are Miraculous, after all!!

Here on the blog, myself and my dear friend Laura at Five Little Doves  have shared an entire week of celebrations, on behalf of the ups and downs of parenthood, and the notion that we are all doing quite a stupendous job, whether we allow ourselves to admit it or not.


I am finishing the week with a close-to-home Miraculous Mum nomination , my very own 95 year old grandmother, whose heart still feels the turbulence of a mothers love, everyday.

And now onto you: we ran a #CelebratingMothers photo competition across social media this week and loved seeing all of your feel-good and funny family moments. We are delighted to announce the winner: Instagrams @biscuitpleasemummy !


“Throwing back to a year ago when Martha went on her first pony ride. Meet Rodney…we talk about Rodney still a year later. This led me to believe she likes pony rides. Nope! The next time we had the chance to ride a pony we queued excitedly for 45 minutes only for her to reject Applejack with a last minute meltdown!”

..Life with little ones, it rarely makes sense. 🙂

Thank you all for joining us for this weeks festivities, it has been a delight.

On this Mothers day, may your coffee be hot, your heart be full, and your pyjamas covered in boogers.

…We wouldn’t have it any other way! ♥


If you missed any of the celebrations, please follow these links for more giveaways, celebrating a mother’s body (lumps, bumps and stretchy stuff), easy baking, an interview with Honest Mum, and a poem for my mother, now that I’m a mother too. 

To see more stories about Miraculous Mums and Dads, feel free to follow on Facebook/ Instagram ♥


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