About Me


Hello!  I’m Pearl.

American by birth (most people don’t know that), Canadian by upbringing, and British by marriage. I’m a real mutt.

I am a working mum, an honest mum, an adventurous mum, and at times a worried/obsessive/soppy/flailing mum too. Writing helps me iron out the creases in my busy mind and keep things in perspective.

The purpose of the Miraculous Mums project is to celebrate everyday mothers.

It is dedicated to the neglected-to-wear-sunscreen-but-smothered-the-kids-with-it-ten-time mums; the mums who give their EVERYTHING to their children yet still, at times, doubt their own motherly aptitude.

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A bajillion thank you’s for reading and for being accepting of me in all my honesty. I promise to do the same for you.